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We are Raegan and Zach Garnett. We've been married 5 years now and love traveling more than anything!

There's nothing better than exploring a new place with someone you love and capturing every moment you can along the way.

This website is a combination of our travels and recommendations - enjoy!

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Hi there! Our names are Raegan and Zach Garnett and we're so glad you made your way to our travel blog!

We have a passion for many things but travel is at the TOP of my list. We’ve photographed weddings in 8 states and we’d love to photograph the other 42! If we ever have a free weekend don’t be surprised if we hop on a plane or in the car to explore somewhere new. 

We decided after getting endless text about asking for our travel itineraries that we'd just make a page of our adventures and recommendations for others to enjoy as well as for us to look back on.

So we hope you enjoy and get the itch to go explore somewhere you've never been!

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Recent  travel  destinations

One of our most recent destinations was Glacier National Park, Montana and lets just say it might have been one of my favorite trips EVER. The views were insane and worth the hike up. 

Glacier National Park, Montana


Sedona, Arizona was such a shock to me from the normal mountain scenery I'm use to. The beautiful red rock against the blue skies are breath taking and something you absolutely need to go see! We did multiple hikes in Sedona - our favorite being Devils Bridge and Cathedral Rock and then made the drive to see Horseshoe Bend.



Rosemary beach is my favorite Florida destination. The town, the adorable neighborhoods and family friendly environment just make it a go to destination when I want to switch to relaxation mode.



I might be a little bias towards Texas since half of my family lives there but I consider Texas a must do if you haven't visited yet. Austin is probably my favorite city in Texas but theres so much more to explore here. Weather its Dallas, San Antonio, Waco, or Houston we have recommendations for you!


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