Madie + Jack || Kentucky Engagement Session

Now this is one of my favorite sessions to date.. was it because it was for one of my best friends? Well I guess that played a factor in it. But really it’s because these two are wildly in love and some of the most fun people I know.

Here’s a little insight to Madie + Jack’s relationship. In high school Jack came over to Madie’s house with some friends. When they all left Madie’s mom told her that she needed to be dating Jack Orem. Moms are always right. Jack was actually Madie’s tackle football coach for SubDeb in high school. If he could see her at her most competitive form (no joke I saw her clothesline a girl before), then he must know what he’s signing up for.

It wasn’t until college where Madie first really started falling for Jack when she saw him sing in the Mr. Murray State pageant at Murray State University. (Side note: he won!!) After that she told her roommate Karlee she was gonna marry that boy. In Madie’s words, “Was it creepy how much I talked about Jack without even knowing him well, yes. Did I only do it because I wanted it to get back to him, absolutely. Did it work, of course and I regret nothing.”

Now you might be wondering why was she so determined? Well that’s just Madie. She’s always been someone who knew what she wanted in life and went for it. Since she was a little girl she’s said that she’s going to be a vet. Now? She’s currently finishing Vet School at Auburn University where she’ll graduate in 2020. So ya see.. when she set her sights on Jack.. we all knew it was going to happen.

Madie + Jack had me come out to Jack’s family farm for their engagement session. This farm plays such a huge part in their story and to walk around with them and see where their future home will be and somewhere that they both hold so special was something I’ll always cherish!

In July Jack got on one knee in front of the house he grew up in and in the spot where they’ll get married come May of 2020. Unfortunately I won’t be photographing this wedding.. but this is because I’ll get the honor to stand beside one of my best friends as she says yes to the love of her life.

Madie + Jack, I’m so glad I got to capture this milestone in your lives. More importantly I’m incredibly lucky I get to call you both friends. I may have cried writing this entire post so just have the tissues ready on the big day. I LOVE YOU BOTH! Now let’s get you two married!




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